Guide & Faq

I selected the correct game folder (green folder icon) but the monitor doesn't show me any matches.

Step 1

Make sure replays are actually enabled and saved in the WoWs folder.

Step 2

When you click on the green folder icon at the top a small window opens.
At the bottom of that window it says Information about selected folder.
Make sure that your replays are actually being saved in the folder that it shows you under Replays Paths.

Step 3

If step 2 did not help you, it is possible that you are not starting WoWs through the Wargaming Center.
If this is the case, you are most likely starting the .exe directly or with a shortcut from one of the bin folders.
They are located under YourWoWsGamePath/bin/*clientVersion*/bin(32|64).
There should be a replays folder in one of these two folders where your replays are saved.
You can then go into the settings (Three horizontal bars, top left -> Settings) and scroll down to the bottom where you see the Replays directory option. Select the folder where your replays are saved here, but don't change the selected game folder (Folder icon at the top).

This is very likely not enough of a "faq" but i will update it whenever i get asked the same question too many times. You can also suggest stuff that i should put in here on my Discord.